Praise from Mark's students...


I just wanted to say how pleased we all were with Mark’s demo on Thursday evening, he is a very good communicator and the work he did was very inspiring.  Thanks for booking him for us, I am sure we’ll want to book him again in future either for a demo or a workshop.


Thank you for your splendid demonstration on behalf of our Art Society.

 You have a captivating style of communication, never a dull moment in the whole 2 hours. Loads of inspiring tips and advice showing how you progressed your subject to the breath-taking end. I have painted watercolour as a keen amateur for about 20 years and not had the courage to attempt vibrant dramatic departures fromstatic reality.

Suffice it to say that I have been motivated sufficiently by your superb example to try something in that direction.


It was a splendid week. I thoroughly enjoyed the painting and have stored a lot of such helpful tuition that I hope will come through in my future attempts. I loved your use of colour and managing the palette in such a way to create continuity within the piece, I do hope I can work on that.


Mark has the ability and professionalism to make you feel at ease and as a beginner to the world of painting this approach is very encouraging. Tuition was delivered in group and also one to one which helped me a lot. Mark's tuition is brilliant for all levels of ability and it was wonderful to see the lovely artwork produced by the more experienced painter. The holiday was extremely well organised and Mark did everything possible to make this a lovely experience for all.


I always promised myself, one day I would have a painting holiday. What a wonderful experience it was too. A group of strangers became a group of friends. Mark guided us through our week with support, encouragement and enthusiasm. I can honestly say that I had a really amazing time. Mark inspired me to keep up my painting and taught me to be more observant, improved my colour mixing and loosen up!