Urban Sketching

Urban sketching is drawing or painting created on-site, as a spontaneous response to people, places or incidents. It is the act of placing oneself in a space, attempting to capture and interpret a particular moment in time.


Here are some examples of my 'Urban Sketching/Painting'....

 Pen on Watercolour paper at Plaza de Espana, Seville



 Adding Watercolour washes at Plaza de Espana, Seville



 Pen and Watercolour at Plaza de San Francisco, Seville



Sketching at Lucca, Italy.



Sketching at Greenwich, London.



Sketching towards Manhattan from Liberty Island, New York.


Sketching in Tuscany.



Sketching below Tower Bridge, London.



Canal at Ellesmere.



Sketching in Paris.



Sketching at Plaza de San Francisco, Seville.


Upper Manhattan, New York.



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